UptimeRobot is a great choice if you are looking for a free website monitoring service with enough website monitors.

Uptime Robot


Uptime Monitoring Tool Features

24*7 Website Monitoring

SSL monitoring

Ping monitoring

Port Monitoring

Montastic is another amazing website monitoring service that offers eminent features to customize the design of a website.



Montastic Website Availability Monitoring Features

Website Performance Report

Manage Teamwork

Track Everything

Powerful Status Pages

It is a cost-efficient and easy-to-use website uptime monitoring tool.



StatusCake Website Monitoring Service Features

Website Monitoring

Loads Website Faster

Website’s Identity Safe

SSL Certification

Cronitor is another amazing website availability monitoring tool that allows continuous website monitoring.



Cronitor Website Uptime Monitoring Features

Performance Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor Performance Trends

Superfast Cron Debugging

It is a website availability monitoring software that helps you detect anomalies and helps you run your business smoothly.

App Dynamics


AppDynamics Website Availability Monitoring Services

Seamless Integration

Infrastructure Monitoring

Database Monitoring

End-User Monitoring

Site24x7 is a SaaS-based website uptime monitoring solution for all DevOps and IT businesses.



Site24x7 Website Monitoring Tool

Website Defacement

SSL/TLS Certificate Alerts

Broad Brand Reputation

Synthetic Monitoring

Host Tracker is another comprehensive website monitoring tool that enables you to check your website from all the lose and strong points of view.

Host Tracker


Host Tracker Website Monitoring Service Features

Website Availability Check

Domain/IP Blacklisting Check

Domain and SSL Security

Google Ads Management

Pingdom is one of the most popular website uptime monitoring tools specially designed to make the website super fast and credible to the end-users.



Pingdom Website Availability Monitoring

Rich Performance Data

Analyze in Real-Time

Immediate Alerting

Timeline Metrics

Uptrends lets you check your apps between 1 to 60 minutes break and more than 150 website monitoring locations all around the world.



Uptrends Website Monitoring Service Features

Uptime Monitoring

Web Application Monitoring

API Monitoring

Web Performance Monitoring

A website availability monitoring that offers Cloud monitoring solutions for different website monitoring aspects, then Sematext is the best option for you.



Sematext Website Uptime Monitoring Features

Real-time User Monitoring

Improved user experience

Easy Log Management

Web Performance Monitoring

Which Website Monitoring Service Will Help You Better?

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