HostingSeekers Helps Bring Trust And Transparency Into The B2B World.

In Jan 2020, we started with a web hosting blog that gained good traction over the next one year. We recognized the pain of website and business owners trying to find the right hosting solutions for their websites. With multiple solutions present online, we understand how confusing it can be for users to reach the most viable hosting solution provider. As a result in February 2021, we decided to launch a new hosting directory portal - HostingSeekers.

Think of HostingSeekers as a go-to-directory for all things hosting. Our team conducts an extensive research to filter the top solution providers so you can then just pick the one that suits your needs the most.

Our team’s consistent efforts have helped us to badge the “Excellence in Web Hosting Business Listings 2021” by Acquisition International, UK.


MaxiHoster is a Swiss company based in Switzerland. Our objective is to provide services of very high quality at very attractive prices in order to be able to satisfy all sizes of companies or individuals. All our infrastructures are on Swiss territory. Your data is saved in our other data centers in Switzerland as well....

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