How to Optimize WordPress Websites to the Fullest?

Now the time has come to show you some real actions to optimize the WordPress website for high speed.

Choose The Best WordPress Hosting

Your WordPress Hosting company stores the entire data of your website and as your website grows, all your content, images, and media are stored on the webserver located in your host’s data center.


Best WordPress Templates Only

Today most websites use predesigned templates to grab the attention of users. Or, some take help from visual layout designers to organize their pages according to their business preferences.


Avoid Using Plugins in Access

Plugins are always helpful to resolve most of the complex and repetitive tasks while using a WordPress website. However, the excess of these add-ons will make the website load slow.


Compress The Size of Images

The high-resolution images but sometimes these clear images can have detrimental consequences for website loading speed and SEO. So, large-sized images and media are another most common reason why a WordPress website performs poorly.


Install Cache Plugin

We have already advised you to install WordPress Cache Management Plugin is undoubtedly the best you can do for your website. It will restrict your hosting provider from loading certain files that it has stored temporarily and make page loading speed faster.


Timely Update Latest PHP Version

The outdated versions of WordPress comprise some heavy files, which makes your website super slow. So, you must update your WordPress to the latest version of PHP so that it performs better and consumes only a few required resources as long as all the add-ons are compatible.


Increase The Memory

In case if you expect more visitors and try to put so much information on your website, then you have to increase the memory space of your WordPress, or else it will stop responding to requests. In order to add more disk space.


Update Themes and Add-ons

If you update the WordPress Themes and plugins to the latest version as this will make your website super fast and safe.


Detect Slow Plugins

If there are slow plugins with high consumption of resources you can replace them with a better one.


Identify High RAM Consumption

Sometimes the problem does not occur due to CPU memory consumption but from high RAM memory consumption. Unlike other programs, WordPress also uses RAM memory to process and if there are plugins consuming several resources than the account, the web will start loading fast.


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