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Google web crawlers are on the constant lookout for new & updated web pages. When they index any particular pages, they make a backup of these pages and store them in a unified database, called Google cache.

You can view page versions using Google cache either manually or through extensions.

How Can You View Your Site’s Cached Pages?

View page versions through Google Search


View page versions through Google Cache Checker


Below are two tools you might like:

Other Tools to View Google Cache

The Web Cache Viewer


Wayback Machine Web (Archive Version)


If you are an internet user, which obviously you are, Google cache is primarily useful for you. It allows you to browse web pages that are having problems loading or loading slow. Google cache can make website cached content available to users during such downtimes.

Why is Google Cache Important?

Reasons Why It Is Important To Cache Websites

To Check If There’s Any Duplicate Content


Track What Your Competitors Are Doing Differently

To Check Content Errors


To See How How Fast Your Website Is Indexed


Use It To Retrieve Your Old Website



Limitations of Google Cache

Google Cache Won’t Tell How Frequently Your Web Pages Are Crawled


The Page Is Not Rendered Properly

Some Pages Are Not Backed Up



Is It Important to Clear Cached Files?

Yes! But it depends on your cache settings. The cache can grow up to take a lot of disk space on your computer. It may result in the browser working slower than usual.

Can You Remove Google Cached Pages?

Yes, and it’s easy. all you want is to use no-index and no-archive tags such as rel=canonical.



Another way is to ask Google to remove URLs from the cache. Go to the Google search console and click removals in the sidebar. Then click on a new request. Now two points will appear: Temporary remove URL or clear cached URL.

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