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THE STORY OF HOSTCATS It’s been a long time for us, having walked on this lonely, challenging, and yet extremely gratifying journey of entrepreneurship. We’ve been around for as long as the Internet has been and it’s been a journey with so many stories to tell that we’d need a separate “internal” blog just to keep up with our own experiences. At, we don’t just do “hosting”. Nor do we do sell just servers and web design.We are a people-oriented company and we see our staff and our customers as people. You know, humans with needs? We believe in work ethics that you’d think we are nuts for still sticking to our traditional values. Talking about values, that’s exactly what we put on priority. Customers and employees are both important to us, and we let that show. We are a small team and we welcome you aboard. We want you to enjoy your relationship with us, and understand that we have been in business for 10 plus years. Every time you send us a support ticket, we are thrilled. Visit our office, and we’ll go nuts about the fact that you arrived. Call us up and you’ll unmistakably feel the palpable excitement in our offices. If you ask for the moon, we’ll get you the solar system. We are a paranoid customer support company. What that really means is that we’d shut down shop if we can’t serve you better. Night or day, holiday or not, we stand by to serve. To serve is to work. Work is worship. But you see, we are a business. We have overheads. We have mouths to feed, servers to run, an office to keep, and employees who do the excellent job that they do — all that quality output takes a toll on our overheads. If you are around looking for discount and crap, then we are not the company you should be looking for. We are here to provide quality service at a quality price. We do not advertise on television and Print media because we do not have the budget but what we have are dedication and responsibility. All we wish is that you are prosper with your small and medium business. If you are looking for 300 employees and corporate culture, you better start looking elsewhere. If your business is in primitive stage and you believe that we can help you grow, get started, and we would love to help.

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H.D.Devegowda Road,R.T.Nagar, Land Mark-Near 2nd Petrol Bunk, Bangalore – 560032

Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560032





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