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Why HostingSeekers?

Our website has thousands of visits per month, and every day we have more. If you think you have something to express, say, or simply want to show your expertise to new subscribers or visitors, we would be delighted to publish your content on our blog.

However, you may have noticed that our site is completely technical and has its own style, both in terms of writing and tone. Also, most of our visitors are entrepreneurs and business professionals.

For this reason, we publish only informative, quality-rich, and compelling posts so that readers find all the information in one place to make the most out of it.

If you have a fun and friendly way of telling complex topics like web hosting, web server, cloud computing, cybersecurity, SSL, CDN, CMS, etc., get ready to join our team of great authors and make your name in this world of the internet.


What You Get?

We are read by thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals each day. So working with us will give your business a new quality user base, subscribers, followers, and who knows if you close some amazing business deals this way!

  • subscribe

    New Followers, Subscribers

  • traffic

    More Organic Traffic

  • credibility

    Improved Credibility

  • strength

    Strengthened online authority

  • user

    New Visitors

  • reputation

    Improved Online Reputation

  • domain

    Improved Domain Authority

  • collaboration

    Long Term Collaboration

  • share

    Stimulated social media shares

  • share

    Post for lifetime

  • backlinks

    Increased Backlinks

  • leads

    Relevant, Quality Leads

  • footprint

    Increased Social Media Footprints

  • traffic

    Instant exposure to targeted traffic

  • traffic

    Instant exposure to targeted traffic

What to Write About?

Now take some time before you pen down your thoughts and calmly read our blog contribution guidelines to get an idea about what we are looking for exactly. (it’s only 10 minutes)


Web Hosting


Web Hosting Tools


Web Hosting Tips


Ecommerce Hosting


Digital Marketing


Web Server


Cloud Computing








Data Center


Cyber Security




Web News



Have you got insights in any of these topics? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Guest Post Guidelines

Take a look at the type of content we’re looking for:

  • We accept content related to the topics mentioned above.
  • The content must be original and unpublished. Remember that Google penalizes these things.
  • The article must be atleast 1000 words long.
  • To enhance the visual appeal, please provide a featured image sized at 1062*600 pixels.
  • The content should be structured properly, taking the form of a complete guide, step-by-step tutorial, advice series, or case study to make it more informative.
  • The tone of the content must be friendly and speaking directly to the reader.
  • The author is solely liable for the originality and viewpoints expressed in his/her articles.
  • Link only if it’s appropriate and adds some value to content. Remember, we reserve the right to accept or reject a link (especially if it’s irrelevant).
  • The content must be simple, easy to read, and understandable.
  • Make your content more credible using facts, examples, and practical tips.
  • Do not be too repetitive or redundant, instead use synonyms.
  • Be careful with spellings and wordings. Proofread the post before submitting it.
  • Include screenshots or relevant images of very good quality and format to make your post more attractive.
  • We would need a Author Bio describing you (400 characters) along with your email address and social media profiles to display in the author box of the post.

Reponse Time

Once done with post submission, we will review and approve your post within 48–72 hours.

Once approved, it might take us 1-2 weeks to publish your content.

Does It Fit You? Reach Us Out

If you agree with our Guest Post Submission Guidelines, you can share your content (.docx file) via email at [email protected]


Please, fill the form with all the required details and attach your content (.docx file).

We will be delighted to receive your proposal.


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