Review Policies

Our features, reviews and ranking systems are designed so that the visitors can make an informed decision about hiring the right hosting provider for their business. In our endeavour to make the process rich and convenient for the end user, we take extra steps to ensure transparency and fairness in all our policies.

We have no hand in the content of the reviews that is shared. Please note that:

  • Reviews/ Ratings mentioned on the HostingSeekers website are considered as an independent opinion of users which is very subjective and totally based on their experience with a particular web hosting provider company.
  • is not responsible for ratings and content of reviews (positive or negative) posted by users on the web hosting provider's list.
  • has the authority to discard or delete malicious, fake, false, spam, unrelated, unconfirmed, and ingenuine reviews. We use various methods and tools to bring out the genuineness and correctness of a review such as:
    • (i) User can submit only one review/rating from a Single IP address.
    • (ii) User can submit only one review/rating from a Single Machine ID.
    • (iii) User can submit only one review/rating from a Single Mobile Number.
    • (iv) User can submit only one review/rating from a Single Email Address.
  • Attempting to submit multiple reviews/ratings in a single frame of time for a single web hosting company may get detected as a spamming attempt and can be discarded or blocked by systems managers.
  • We’ve enabled CAPTCHA protection to discard the robotic reviewing/rating attempts.
  • The reviewer/rater must enter a valid email address and phone number to post a review.
  • Reviewers should note that they may receive an email, text, or call for verification. Our executives may interview you to tally the correctness of the review and your experience with the web hosting provider.
  • holds the authority to remove reviews that are senseless words or phrases, grammatically or linguistically incorrect, profane, or, derogatory, instigate violence or illegal act, or are defamatory.
  • Despite all the above measures, does not guarantee/ warranty the genuineness or correctness of the reviews.

The companies currently listed on our platform can be assured that their performance will be rightly communicated to the end users. We invite user reviews of these hosting companies to list on our platform so the hosting companies can increase their reach, grow their business and find more quality leads.

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