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NavicoSoft, a leading name in web hosting across the globe, emerges & stands out as a web design & Development Company. Our expert WordPress developers can revert the complications with ease. ...



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Overall Rating: 5.0/5

I have been with Navicosoft for six years now, and they are great! Anytime I have a question, I submit a ticket, and someone gets back to me within 10 minutes or so. My website is always up. Loading speed is also very good, and their software is easy to use. At this point, I just installed WordPress and use that for my website. The price is hard to beat, and sometimes they have specials too, even for existing users.


My first hosting company was GoDaddy. They do have great customer service and that comes upselling, and I ended up making purchases I didn't need. Then I tried SiteGround, and you can talk to them on the phone, but good luck trying to find the phone number. When my plan came up for renewal, and the price had doubled, I decided to try out Navicosoft. But once my hosting with Siteground was expired, I could not access my account even though I had domains with them! I needed to point my nameservers to Navicosoft for two websites, and I couldn't get in to do that, nor find the phone number to call. If you do a google search for SiteGround contact number, YOU WILL NOT FIND A PHONE NUMBER! I eventually could log in using a client's account with SiteGround, and then I found the phone number, which is hard to find even on their site. They charged me for an extra month to access my account and make a point of being as unhelpful as possible. They helped me get through the moving of my two websites to them, and they have always been there to help me get through anything else that comes up. I feel very secure using them.


I like that Navicosoft has been in business for many years and has consistently gotten high praise from web design media and user reviews. The pricing for all the main hosting plans is ridiculously low compared to many popular hosting plans at other leading hosting companies. It's nice that Navicosoft offers several different web products that make our development life much easier. We can transfer files quickly and create new web content databases with just a few clicks.


Navicosoft has been terrific! I am a small developer, and I take clients from the state- which means my clients often have challenges and limited budgets! Navicosoft has provided my clients and me excellent and virtually NO DOWN time! I have made blunders and had had to ask for their assistance- and they jump right in- and are prompt and extremely thorough! For the small price, I pay-I am getting 5-star service. I am treated as if I matter- and I do! Yet, I have never felt as if I am too small or not spending enough! I have never been pressured to change and go with a more costly program- I have never felt as if I am foolish- for, at times, I have caused the problems-and they help me fix and move forward! I cannot recommend them ENOUGH! Navicosoft is a true gem in hosting and the customer service departments!


Navicosoft Hosting is my go-to hosting service for sites that I build. I like how uncluttered and unobtrusive the service and the interface are. Navicosoft does not assume that they know what is best for your site. You get to decide that for yourself. Some other hosting services will overwrite your custom pages each time they do a server upgrade; Navicosoft does not overwrite your pages.


When I started using Navicosoft, I was a newbie at this. I had questions about everything. I started thinking that the company’s support team soon will block me or ignore me, but they didn’t! On the contrary, someone told me, ‘there is no stupid question, just a bad answer!’. I was so happy and thankful. Guys, the best support team ever!