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Climate-neutral and leading Swiss web hosting provider for 20 years. ORC Webhosting GmbH was founded in Landquart in 2002, then as Starhosting, and is now one of the leading companies in the domain name and webhosting services sector. Since it was founded in 2002, ORC Webhosting GmbH has shown constant growth and today has customers in over 130 countries. The then Starhosting company bought various web hosting companies in 2015 and 2016 such as Techwesthosting in Canada, Swisswhosting from Switzerland, Direbyte from Singapore or ORC Webhosting GmbH from Zurich. All companies were then integrated into the latter and the company was renamed from Starhosting to ORC Webhosting GmbH. Today ORC Webhosting is one of the Top 10 web hosting providers in Switzerland . Top quality, all-round support for our customers, environmental protection and constant prices are what set us apart. CLIMATE-NEUTRAL HOSTING We cannot save the world, but we can do our part. As a web hosting provider, taking responsibility for the environment and setting a good example means using electricity from renewable energy sources. ORC Webhosting GmbH only uses electricity from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally friendly hydropower to supply the server with energy. From an ecological point of view, the energy generated from running water is one of the gentlest forms of electricity generation. We also protect the climate by ensuring that our company does not own any vehicles because we only use public transport such as the train. ORC does not send invoices or letters in paper form either, the whole process runs in electronic form, i.e. by email. High security standards A competent team of service technicians ensures the security of the hardware around the clock. Comprehensive fire protection, constant air conditioning and power supply as well as strict access controls are guaranteed. The servers of ORC Webhosting GmbH are among the most powerful, secure and sustainable systems in the world and are ISO 27001 certified. In addition, our servers are operated with 100% green electricity, carbon dioxide-free and environmentally friendly from pure hydropower. Not only particularly gentle on the environment, but also for our good conscience and that of our customers.


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