Top Features of Free Web Hosting:

Our free web hosting services include top-class features that make your hosting experience secure, reliable and seamless.

1000MB SSD Storage

We offer free web hosting that includes hosting services for one website and a free SSD storage worth 1000 MB. This is the storage space available for you to store your files including videos and images. You can store, backup and optimize your storage needs accordingly.

100 GB Bandwidth

Our free web hosting service offers 100 GB bandwidth for one website. This bandwidth defines the traffic that can be transferred online. 100 GB bandwidth is enough for small-mid-sized websites and blogs expecting medium traffic.

Free SSL

One of the most important requirements for the website to operate securely is to have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. This helps to securely transfer data between a user and a server by encrypting data. Our free web hosting service offers a free SSL to ensure the security of your website.

FREE DNS (Cloudflare DNS)

A Domain Name System (DNS) helps to convert domain names to IP addresses for hosting services. With our free web hosting services, we offer not just any free DNS, but Cloudflare DNS! This will ensure the protection of your privacy.

2 MySQL Database included

A database management system, MySQL (Structured Query Language) that helps to manage a database that is structured. Our free web hosting includes not just one but 2 MySQL databases to help you manage your data in a structured way.

5 FTP Accounts

A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is important to transfer files from one location to another online as well as within systems. With our free web hosting plan, we offer 5 FTP accounts that help you to transfer files securely.

Free website builder

A website builder makes it easy for you to have your site ready within minutes using its templates. Our free web hosting plan offers a free website builder service - It is a secure, high-quality and user-friendly website builder.

Easy to use cPanel

A control panel helps to manage operating software, website and server. Our free web hosting plan offers the best quality control panel - cPanel which is user friendly, intuitive, compatible and easy to use. The best part is that cPanel is Linux-based.

Why should you choose HostingSeekers Free Web Hosting?

Our free web hosting services offer highly valuable features for both users and developers along with 24/7 support to manage your web hosting for no fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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