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Difference Between Dedicated Server Ark and Non-Dedicated Server Ark

Difference Between Dedicated Server Ark and Non-Dedicated Server ARK

Comparison Dedicated Server April 9th 2024

When it comes to Ark: Survival Evolved server: Dedicated and Non-Dedicated servers: One of the vital factors of this experience is the choice between dedicated and non-dedicated server.  
In this blog, we will carefully assess and examine both servers, which will help you make informed decisions. Each variant presents distinct advantages and drawbacks, necessitating a comprehensive understanding before making a choice.

Let’s first understand: What is Ark?

Ark: Survival Evolved is an adventure game developed by Studio Wildcard in 2017 where players have to survive on an island amongst dinosaurs, leviathans, and other monstrous creatures while fighting against them.

It is backed by major platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo switch, Android and iOS. ARK allows you to choose between two modes: you can play the game from either a first-person or third-person perspective, no matter the type of dedicated or non-dedicated server.

ARK allows for single or multiplayer options and depending on the server, the number of players can vary significantly. There are numerous Ark non-dedicated server options available on the market, and you can opt for this option if you want.

Why Do You Need a Server to Play ARK?

ARK is unique because it can become multiple within one platform. Depending on the server and mode you select, your gaming experience can be different from that of other players.

The primary benefits of a server to play Ark are that it helps to decrease latency, offer a seamless gaming experience with enhanced security, and increase adaptability to accommodate larger gaming parties.

Most players experience these advantages when they go with servers. A dedicated server may be the better option, but there are some obstacles where players may opt for non-dedicated. Let’s understand both dedicated and non-dedicated servers Ark

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a hosting setup where all resources are exclusively allocated to a single application or purpose. When speaking about gaming, especially in games like ARK: Survival Evolved, a dedicated server is set up by a player to host gameplay sessions depending on themselves and their selected player group.

This hosting arrangement make sure that 100% of the server’s resources are dedicated to running the game and supporting the gameplay experience for the particular group. Just like other standard servers offered by the game developers, where resources are shared among numerous players, a dedicated server provides more control and personalized options.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server

You shouldn’t buy a dedicated server just yet, even though it may sound appealing to have dependable resources and to play games with only your closest friends.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of an Ark-dedicated server:

Pros of Dedicated Server

  • Reduce delay during gameplay due to unrestricted access to bandwidth resources.
  • Your gameplay will run more seamlessly as you are not depending on random party hosts to support your Ark lobby.
  • You are less likely to be the target of a cyberattack because the only things on your server are Ark gaming software and the software to run your server.
  • By simply scaling the resources of their server, players can adjust the size of their party.

Cons of Dedicated Server

  • Running a dedicated server can be expensive, as dedicated servers are running around the clock.
  • If you choose to develop your own server, you may need to purchase another PC or console to play Ark.
  • If you are running your own server, you may be responsible for regular hardware and software maintenance checks.

What are Non-Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server allocates all of its resources to a single player group, while a non-dedicated server splits its resources across multiple platforms. Because it isn’t available to the general public, think of a non-dedicated server as a middle ground between a public and dedicated server. But it’s not currently restricted to any certain platform or group of Arks.

Pros and Cons of Non-Dedicated Server

Pros of Non-Dedicated Server

  • Playing ARK and operating a server is possible at the same time if you have a dedicated server.
  • The setup costs for a non-dedicated server are usually lower.
  • Although resources are shared, there are usually few security problems.

Cons of Non-Dedicated Server

  • Non-dedicated servers don’t offer much possibility for expansion as the server resources like software, OS, bandwidth, and hard drive space are pre-set.
  • A non-dedicated server’s gameplay may have choppy, slower gameplay with frequent disconnections.
  • Non-dedicated servers do not always guarantee to be available, in contrast to dedicated servers.

Dedicated vs. Non-Dedicated ARK Server

Dedicated ARK Server Non-Dedicated ARK Server
Hosting Cost are high Hosting cost are low
Ensure Simultaneous Gameplay by allowing hosting and playing simultaneously Simultaneous gameplay along with hosting may not be possible
Highly scalable, you can adjust resources as per requirements. Limited scalability, preset resources
Higher performance and dedicated resources for gameplay Lower performance and shared resources may cause lag
More secure due to exclusive resource allocation Shared resources, but security concerns are minimal

Final Verdict: Ark Dedicate Server hosting vs Non-Dedicated Server Hosting

Hosting dedicated or non-dedicated ARK servers has advantages and drawbacks of its own. Dedicated servers can be the most costly, but they offer more control and dependability. While non-dedicated are less expensive, they could have problems. Overall, the decision to choose between them is ultimately yours. If you are confused about selecting the best dedicated server, HostingSeekers, has a list of the best dedicated server groups that will help you select the game hosting server as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Dedicated servers vs. non-dedicated servers in ARK gameplay, what is the primary difference?
Ans: Dedicated ARK servers offer a range of extensive resources for hosting Ark gameplay, while a non-dedicated server shares resources among players, potentially impacting performance.

Q 2: Dedicated server vs. non-dedicated in ARK gameplay, what is the primary difference?
Ans: Yes, Ark dedicated server hosting allows you to play games and also host the server without hampering performance.

Q 3: Which server is more expensive, dedicated or non-dedicated?
Ans: A dedicated server can be more expensive, but it can give you a plethora of benefits and features. Non-dedicated servers can be economical but have many drawbacks.

Q 4: Which server offers more scalability?
Ans: Dedicated servers provide better scalability as resources can be adjusted as required. Also, non-dedicated servers have limited scalability options.