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Why Choose Plesk Web Hosting For Your Business?

IT August 3rd 2022

Have you decided to make your business website? That’s great!

Now you must want to host it on a good and reliable server. Have you chosen a web hosting package and a web hosting provider? If you haven’t already, you can always come to HostingSeekers and choose any type of hosting plan for your business.

After selecting the web hosting option, the control panel is the next step. This is because you will be able to control your website through it. The sort of control panel you use is determined by the operating system you choose – Linux or Windows. The cPanel control panel is exclusively available on Linux, but the Plesk panel is available on both Linux and Windows.

Why Is Plesk Web Hosting Popular?

Plesk web hosting is a prominent control panel provided by Parallels Inc. and is sometimes referred to as Parallels Plesk Panel. It uses frames to execute the web-based control panel GUI. When you compare the list of features, you will notice that Plesk is identical to cPanel.

Furthermore, it offers additional security and targeted features e.g. WordPress bulk management capabilities. Plesk has been boosting the performance of various small companies and system administrators since its inception in 2001, and it is constantly introducing helpful features across a variety of cloud providers.

Plesk Control Panel Features

  • Efficient access to admin and client-side data
  • Many administration capabilities that are not available on many dedicated servers
  • Allows you to set up email accounts using the Email Alias feature and change DNS settings.
  • Allows you to add a new domain instead of an add-on domain, as well as the opportunity to establish a domain alias and numerous domains for server forwarding.
  • Databases are managed using Webadmin (My SQL) and the SQL Whitelist.
  • Pre-installed software Schedules actions based on website activity and generates periodic reports on website performance

Reasons To Choose Plesk Control Panel For Your Web Hosting

A Plesk hosting server will provide you with several advantages such as:

1. Easy-to-use Interface

Plesk’s user interface is efficient, making it easier to discover the parts you need. Similarly, the tactics linked with it make it easier to understand and use. The most important benefit of using this control panel is that it improves performance and learning. Plesk server administration is most likely the finest option available.

2. Independent Operating System

Though cPanel is the most well-known control panel, it is not on par with the best Plesk hosting. cPanel works well with Linux web servers. Many web servers are Linux servers, although Windows web hosting is only available for a limited number of locations.

Plesk is consistent with Linux and Windows servers which makes it available to every website, regardless of hosting plan. Thus, whether you are already using Windows web servers or believe you may require them in the future, Plesk hosting is the best option.

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3. It is Mobile-Friendly

People nowadays use their mobile devices to do various tasks and also want to access everything with ease. Thus, it is important that they are able to access their control panel from any device. Following that, you may go to your website and make changes whenever and anywhere you like.

It includes a mobile version designed for smaller displays, so everything you can do Using Plesk web hosting is as simple on a phone or tablet as it is on a workstation. This is why it is profitable for you, your team, and your specialists, thus, allowing you to do a larger portion of your project from anywhere when necessary.

4. Highly Secure

Website owners must consider website security when choosing a web server. You can do some things to protect your website from hackers and malware, for instance, choosing the correct web hosting platform. Plesk web server is popular for security thus making your site more secure. For example, the ability of heads to direct client authorizations protects you from giving low-level personnel extensive authority over your website.

5. Multiple Admin Tools

Magento, Cloudflare CDN, Patchman, and Let’s Encrypt are some of the tools and extensions available. Compatibility with numerous operating systems, tools, applications, and platforms enables administrators to administer their sites as they see fit. Not simply restricting oneself to ineffective or undesirable alternatives.

Allow users to find what they need and add it to their control panel. You will create a clutter-free environment that is simple to use and navigate.

6. Highly Compatible

Plesk panel is highly compatible with a vast range of platforms, operating systems, and technologies. As a result, its power is multiplied, and the Plesk control panel is used by the majority of Windows Server installations. Because cPanel and others do not support Windows operating systems.

However, the Plesk server panel is not confined to Windows servers; it also supports a wide range of Linux distributions. It also integrates with a wide range of tools and platforms.

7. Provides a Wide Range of Third-Party Apps

Because people rely on a variety of creative devices in their everyday lives, similarity is an important consideration when selecting a Plesk server. Furthermore, it claims to be compatible with a slew of well-known third-party programs.

Similarly, they provide toolboxes for some of the most popular third-party apps, such as WordPress. It significantly simplifies using things together. The regular, constant combination of the two elements on which you rely will improve your life. Along with this, it provides a huge fraction of the additional items and elements you may desire.


The only challenging process you may face is selecting the best Plesk web hosting, with the rest handled by the account managers assigned by your Web Server hosting company. Plesk dedicated server hosting is new to the market, yet it has a large user base. Choosing such a server, on the other hand, is a prudent decision. If you also want to opt for one, you can send us a message or contact us at info[at]hostingseekers.com.