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cPanel SEO Tool

Recently Launched cPanel SEO Tool Gains Traction | An Exclusive Guide

cPanel December 1st 2021

Summary: Did you hear about the recently launched cPanel SEO tool? Why is cPanel SEO gaining traction in the cPanel web hosting & digital marketing industry? Read on to know more.

News: Search engine optimization is important for every business running on the earth today. But why? More than 252,000 new websites are created every day globally. Of these hundreds of thousands of new websites and the millions that already exist on the internet, getting into Google’s top search rankings is extremely difficult for any business website. More than 252,000 new websites are created every day globally. Of these hundreds of thousands of new websites and the millions that already exist on the internet, getting into Google’s top search rankings is extremely difficult for any business website.

This is where SEO comes into the picture! With the right practices and SEO tools, businesses can make their websites stand on top search engine rankings (SERPs) and achieve its many benefits, including increased sales.

So What Does SEO Do? And Why?

In short, it gets your website a lot of traffic organically (naturally, without any paid advertising). While you can go for other online platforms, like paid marketing, social media to generate website traffic, the majority of online traffic is usually driven by SEO. Because organic search results appear more credible to online searchers and receive a lot more clicks than any paid marketing tool. For instance, only ~ 2.8% of users in the US click on paid advertisements. So, it won’t be wrong to say that SEO can drive 2X more traffic than paid marketing both on mobile and desktop.

Hence, you need to optimize your website in the best way for the search engines. Only when you do this, search engines can index your content properly and display it within search results.  But, here’s the catch! All this can be ONLY achieved by having the right SEO tools in place. And cPanel SEO is one such tool.  cPanel SEO is being considered one of the most powerful tools that are aimed at making SEO extremely easy for businesses. In this article, we will learn more about the cPanel SEO tool and how to optimize the website using its various tools. So, let’s dig deeper.

What is cPanel SEO Tool?

cPanel has recently launched its SEO tool (Beta version) to allow website owners to optimize their websites most efficiently. The cPanel SEO tool offers several features that help users to optimize their website, content, and search engine rankings effortlessly. Currently, users can access the Beta version of this cPanel SEO tool.

Benefits of cPanel SEO Tool

  • It offers you the daily report of your website’s performance allowing you to keep a track of it.
  • You can analyze unlimited domains and get detailed analysis reports based on keywords, visibility, and search rankings.
  • Gives suggestions to improve your website’s performance including what keywords you should pay attention to, and measures you can take to improve site performance.
  • It allows you to manage multiple projects from a single platform.
  • Enables you to optimize your website by creating specific tasks and managing them.

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How cPanel SEO is Structured? 

cPanel SEO is structured primarily into three sections:

1. Keywords

This section will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of keywords and their rankings for your website and what you can do to improve your keyword rankings.


Let us understand the different tabs under the Keyword section.

  • The “Ranking” Tab gives you the list of keywords that your website is ranking for
  • You can also search for any new keywords in the “keyword research” tab and target them for better rankings.
  • The “Rank Tracker: tab allows you to monitor the keyword rankings of your website & even your competitors’ websites. Keyword comparison between you and your competitors will help you discover new keywords and know where you need to catch up. This way you can redefine your SEO strategy for better results.

2. Projects

Project is the basis of the detailed analysis of a website. A project is automatically created when you sign up with the tool for the first time.


So, how does the Project section help you with your website SEO? With Projects, you can:
  • Create, audit, and manage your website audits.
  • Monitor vital rankings using the ‘Rank Tracker’ option.
  • Refine your website/blog content with the ‘Text Optimizer’.
  • Use ‘Keyword Planner’ to store and organize potential keywords.
  • Define and analyze your key competitors.
  • Control and manage the Project settings.

3. Advisor

Search Engines reward websites that offer a seamless experience to their users and have better rankings.

cPanel SEO Tool audits your website & check for missing issues and assets in your technical setup and content when you first sign up.

  • The Advisor uses the results of this initial audit and translates in into easy-to-perform tasks.
  • It also adds the necessary SEO measures required to resolve the issues on your website.
  • The Advisor creates tasks using the Kanban board allowing you to manage your tasks by status with simple drag-and-drop.

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How To Find Keywords With cPanel SEO?

SEO is all about keywords. These are the search terms that help your audience find you on the internet. Having the right keywords in place can help you optimize your website in the right way and get it on top SERPs. The cPanel SEO tool works brilliantly when it comes to keyword research. Its database for Google contains over 53 Million keywords making keyword research super easy.

How To Conduct Keyword Research With cPanel SEO Tool?

All you need to do is type a search term in the Keyword Research Search Bar and hit the search button. You can get all sorts of information from the results displayed.



So what makes Keyword Research with cPanel SEO different than other SEO tools? It’s the way cPanel SEO presents the keyword research results. The tool categorizes keyword search results into 4 tabs:

  • Keywords: Lists relevant keywords, including KPI and ranking of the Project domain.
  • Ranking Analysis: Lists top 100 ranking URLs for all your keywords.
  • Competitor: Displays list of top 100 competitors for the searched keywords.
  • Questions: Top user questions featured in “Users Also Ask” on the Google search page.

The tool also allows you to collect and organize your keywords using the Keyword Planner feature. With this feature, you no more need to jot the keywords in inconvenient spreadsheets. Instead, you can simply move your keywords to the Keyword Planner and organize them by creating relevant groups.

You can find Keyword Planner under Keywords -> Keyword Research. Once you have the list of your target keywords, you can now begin optimizing your website using this amazing tool.

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How To Optimize Website Using cPanel SEO?

cPanel SEO exploits Advisor- it’s the most powerful feature when it comes to optimizing your website. As mentioned in the last section, the advisor comprises easy-to-digest tasks, which are a mix of SEO standard measures and issues discovered during the initial site audit. The Advisor uses this result to suggest all the possible measures you can take to optimize and improve your website’s SEO performance.

The Advisor allows you to organize your tasks by status on the Kanban Board. You can simply drag and drop the tasks as you complete them or assign them to whomsoever you want. Besides, the Advisor also allows you to prioritize your tasks using color codes, as:

  • Red: Error (Tasks that demand instant solution).
  • Yellow: Warning (Tasks that should be dealt with soon).
  • Grey: Notice (Tasks that needs your attention but can be put on hold for some time).

How To Tackle A Task In Advisor?

Now that you have learned how to use Advisor, let us know how to handle a task using this powerful SEO feature. Here are the simple steps for you to follow:

  1. Click on any task on your Advisor Kanban Board, as shown in the image.
  2. A pop-up screen will appear with complete information on how to perform the task you just clicked on.Hostingseekers-cpanel-seo
  3. When you click on the details of any task, the tool will display a list of all the URLs on your website that need to be reworked for optimization. You can open them in a new tab and check the box when you have fixed the issues on that URL.

What more? Your tasks get automatically updated along with the results based on your monthly site audit. Also, if you moved a task to the “Done” status but skipped a few measures as given in the attached list, the task will return to the “Open” status.

NOTE: For the Advisor to work, you need to have a Project. So, if you want to optimize more than one website, you will need to create Projects for each of them. 

How To Perform Rank Tracking With cPanel SEO?

So you have learned how to find keywords and optimize your website using cPanel, next we will learn how to track rankings for your target keywords. cPanel SEO Tool offers this fascinating feature “Rank Tracker” to keep an eye for keywords essential to your business. Rank Tracker allows you to track the ranking of your target keywords regardless of the location and device. This allows you to evaluate the position of your and your competitors’ websites, estimate traffic, and optimize web pages to enhance their rankings.


Let’s get started with the steps to conduct rank tracking using the cPanel SEO Tool.

1. Add Keywords to the Rank Tracker

To add keywords to the Rank Tracker, follow these simple steps:
  • Define domains you want to track keyword rankings for. It can be the domain of your website or even your competitor’s.
  • Add keywords manually to the “Add Keywords” field. You can also import a . .csv file if any.
  • Select the search engine you want to track your ranking on. By default, it will select the search engine of your project.
  • Set the day you want to get an update of your tracking. Please note that this setting should be the same for all the keywords in your Rank Tracker.

Note: You can also add keywords from anywhere in cPanel SEO. Just flag the keyword you want to track and click on “Select Action” and choose “Add Keywords to Rank Tracker”. 

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2. Get Detailed Report of Rank Tracking 

After adding the keywords to Rank Tracker, click on “Tracked Keywords” to get details like:
  • Top ranking URL (for your and your competitors’ domains).
  • The position that URL ranks on
  • KPI for each keyword
  • Type of search results (organic or universal search)


SEO is becoming even more crucial for businesses these days. Hence, having a tool like cPanel SEO that makes performing SEO effortless for marketers and businesses is of great significance. We hope this article will help you use this amazing tool like a pro and help you achieve the SEO results you desire.

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