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Expired Domain Names

EXPIRED DOMAIN NAMES: Everything You Should Know

IT Technology February 3rd 2022

Are you launching your business on the web? Are you planning to migrate your website over to a new domain? Look for expired domain names! If you find a good match, this second-hand site can appear to be a great step towards your business success. 

But before you start with your domain search, here’s all that you need to know. 

What are Expired Domain Names?

A domain name is an address to a website. If you had to find a website, you need to know the website address or just its domain name. In other words, a domain name gives a website’s IP address a simpler name. An IP address is a more complicated string of digits that is unique to every website. However, a domain name is easier to read and memorize. When an individual searches a domain name on their computer or phone, this is sent to the Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS then leads the user to the correct website. 

A domain name can easily be purchased through different domain hosting providers and on an annual basis. The maximum number of years that a user can register a domain name is for 10 years. Once this time period is over, the user has to renew the domain name. If the user fails to renew it, then the domain name expires. A quick expire domain search online can help users find these easily.

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3 Things That You Need To Know About Expired Domain Names

1. When does a domain name expire?

Once a user buys a domain name, a specific period of time is allotted to the user. A domain name is usually valid for up to 10 years. Once this specified time period is over, the user gets an option to renew the domain name. At the time of purchase of a domain name, the user also gets an option to auto-renew at the time of expiration. If the user does not pay for it, then they lose the right to use the name. 

This is when a domain name expires. Most of the time the user gets a grace period of about 30 days to renew it. If it is still not renewed, then the domain name is up for grabs for other users. Post the grace period, the domain name is usually auctioned at third-party organizations.

2. Can an expired domain name be used?

Yes, an expired domain name can be used. If the original user of the domain name has not paid for the renewal of the domain name after a specified number of years, it is available for others to purchase. Domain names that have a high value also have high demand. Buying an expire domain name might be a great way to expand businesses since they can capitalize and leverage on the links and traffic that already exists for that domain.

3. Do you have to wait for the domain name to expire to purchase it?

There might be multiple users who are interested in the same domain name. However, only one user can get the domain name. This is when ‘backorder’ comes into play. This means that once the domain name expires from the first user, this is reserved for the second user. When the domain name becomes available, then it automatically gets transferred to the second user. Hence, the second user is saved from the time and effort of waiting for the domain name to expire and then competing with other bidders.

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3 Pros of Using An Expired Domain Name

If used well, expired domain names have great potential to make your business successful. Here are some advantages of using expire domain names:

1. Cheaper options

The purpose of expired domain names is for new users to get old domain names for a cheaper price. This means a new user can lower their investment in businesses and get expire domain names that have been previously used.

2. Time and effort saving

In cases where the new user has done good research, there is a chance they will end up saving a lot of money, time and effort. If the previous website ran well with great traffic, then the new user does not have to invest much there.

3. Selling it for a profit

There are several investors who purchase these domain names at wholesale prices and sell them for a profit later. This might be a great way to make money as well. This is often also known as domain flipping. 

In nutshell, if you are looking to save time and money, and make some extra bucks on the side, expired domain names can be a boon for you.

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Cons of Using An Expired Domain Name

If an expired domain name is not used carefully, it might actually lead to breaking a business. Here are some of the disadvantages to look out for when purchasing an expired domain name:

1. Limited choices

Since the domain names that expire are only limited, the choice of these domain names for a new user also becomes limited. Moreover, the user might have to wait for the domain name to expire and then purchase it at an auction. This is a lengthy process, but might be beneficial for the user as well.

2. Risk of scams

There is a high risk of scams if there has been no previous background check for the domain name. Thus, this is the most important step before purchasing an expire domain name. If the previous website in that domain name was penalized for any reason, the repercussions might be faced by the new website.

3. Risk of being expensive

Any expired domain name goes to an auction house from where it is auctioned out to bidders. If there is a specific bidder who wants the domain name at any cost, this auction might turn out to be expensive.

Avoiding mistakes by knowing these disadvantages can help a smart user ensure success.

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How To Purchase An Expired Domain Name? 

A user can find out which name goes to which auction house. There are popular auction houses that offer this service. The typical price to buy expired domain names is anywhere between $10 and $12. However, it can go up to a few hundred dollars as well. There are several websites online that can tell you the owner, IP address and expiration date of a website. This is exactly how potential buyers of a domain name can track and monitor their desired names. A domain search will help users find expired domain names online. 

Who Purchases Expired Domain Names? 

Generally, expire domain names auctions see a lot of different kinds of people who bid.

1. Investors

A popular group is that of investors who come and buy the expired domain names at a wholesale price. They might then use this domain name later themselves, or resell it for a higher price and enjoy profits.

2. Individuals

Individuals who are end-users who might have been eyeing a specific domain name are part of these auctions. These end-users are generally willing to pay higher prices for domain names that have a higher value.

3. Companies

Companies that could use these domain names are a big part of these auctions. These companies are ones that might not have been able to reach the previous user directly and have been tracking the domain name to buy it then. This category also includes a few companies that work for clients and monitor the expiration of certain domain names and bid on their behalf.

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Expired Domain Name

Investing in an expired domain name might not sound very pleasing. However, if it is done with careful research, it might prove to be beneficial for the user. Here are some points a user might want to consider before zeroing down on an expire domain name:

Expired Domain Names

1. Auto-renew option 

If a user is extremely sure of the domain name, the auto-renewal option is a great one. This would prevent the domain name from expiring again and landing in someone else’s hands. Moreover, the user will also get notified a few days before expiration.

2. Reputation of the domain name 

The reputation of the domain name plays a big part in how successful the new website would be. An expired domain name is usually purchased only for its goodwill, but extensive research and background checks should be done. This also increases the visibility of the website. 

3. Activities of the domain user 

When a user is buying an expired domain name, checking for previous activities is very essential. If the domain name was misused previously, there is a high chance that the new user might get heavily affected by it. To stay away from any illegal activities, crimes, and scams, a thorough background check is needed.

4. Check for bans

A domain name might be banned if it is carrying out illegal activities or scams. It can also be banned if it infringes another domain or company’s trademarks or rights. Before investing in an expired domain name, this is something to be careful about.

5. Number of previous expirations

Another thing to consider before purchasing an expire domain name is how many times it has expired before it was available. If it was used by several different users who were not willing to renew it, there is a possibility of an issue with the domain name.

In summary, these are some factors that users should look out for when they start their expired domain name search.

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Buying An Expired Domain Name From The Right Provider – The Final Step!

4 Popular Marketplaces and Auction Houses for Expired Domain Names

There are millions of marketplaces online where one can get expired domain names from. However, there are a few old ones that are usually trusted by those in the industry. Here are some of them:

1. GoDaddy 

godaddy - expired domain names

GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosting service providers. However, they also offer great auction services for expired domain names. It is open to the public and anyone can bid on these domain names. After 36 days, if there are no bidders or takers, then it gets a grace period of 5 days for restoration. After this, it goes back to the registrar.  GoDaddy is best known to sell expire domain names at the most nominal prices.

2. NameJet

NameJet is a premier marketplace for auctions of expired domain names. These are generally a little more expensive here but are still genuine. The expired domain names here are also hand-picked for authenticity by experts. NameJet usually has a great range of domain names that range from businesses to entertainment to education.

3. SnapNames

snapnames - expired domain names

SnapNames has around 30 million domain names that have expired. It is most popular for the backorder option and services that they provide. SnapNames is an old name in the industry and is known for its high quality. SnapNames is particularly known by experts and regular users for their services.

4. Expired Domains

This is one of the more renowned websites, more because of the easy and relatable domain name it holds. It has a huge list of domain names that have expire and are available for the public. The best part about Expired Domains is that is gives the user a comprehensive overview of the domain name, its history, backlinks, reputation, and everything else that the user might want to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Where can a user purchase expire domain names?

Ans. There are several online marketplaces where expired domain names are auctioned. These auctions are generally open to the public. A user can search and bid for any desired expired domain name. These websites also give the user a backorder option. 

Q 2. How can a user get an expired domain name back?

Ans. After a domain name expires, the user usually gets a grace period of 30 days where they can renew the domain name. However, if this grace period also passes by, there is still a way in which the user can restore the domain name. After the grace period, the user can still restore the domain name with a restoration fee if it has not crossed 60 days in total after expiration. 

Q 3. Does GoDaddy offer expire domain names?

Ans. GoDaddy is one of the most popular marketplaces for expired domain names. It is an auction house where a user needs membership to bid on some domain names. There is a proxy bidding service that GoDaddy uses to run these auctions.

Q 4. Are all expired domain names auctioned?

Ans. Most domain names are auctioned after they expire. However, even though a domain name is auctioned, it might not be purchased by any bidder. In these cases, it is returned to the registrar. Post this, a redemption fee and a renewal fee have to be paid to restore the domain name.

Q 5. What are domain backorders?

Ans. There are several popular domain names that are wanted by multiple users at the same time. However, only one of the users can get a specific domain name. In these cases, a domain backorder service is initiated. This implies that as soon as this domain becomes available to the public, it is purchased on the new user’s behalf.