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InMotion Hosting Expanded Its Services With Acquisition of RamNode

InMotion Hosting Expanded Its Services With Acquisition of RamNode

Business News March 9th 2021

InMotion Hosting, a California-based leading Shared Hosting Service Provider announced that it has acquired an Atlanta-based company RamNode.com that provides VPS and Internet-Related Services. The acquisition will leverage the RamNode team and the company and will be operated as it is without any change in its core product line.

The company RamNode, its clients, team, and 5 data centers located in Seattle, New York City, Netherlands, Atlanta, and Los Angeles will now be under the InMotion Hosting umbrella. Initially, it was just a rumor, but later InMotion Hosting’s co-founder Sunil Saxena declared the acquisition of RamNode.

The Web Hosting Service provider, RamNode was founded by Nick Adams in 2012 and has established itself as a leader in high-performance virtual private servers (VPS) service providers. Soon the company expanded the business and became an early-mover in unmanaged servers space. Nick Adams approached InMotion in 2020 to check for the possibility of acquiring RamNode and after the acquisition, he expressed his satisfaction with his decision to handover RamNode to IMH

“As far as I can see, InMotion Hosting needs the business to grow exponentially and open to put time and efforts into it. They have the right strategy, vision, and techniques to make it happen. The resources of InMotion Hosting are capable enough to develop, deploy, and grow hosting business. So now I’m confident enough that RamNode is in the right hands and will soon touch the new heights of success.” said Nick Adams, Founder of RamNode. He added, “IMH is also acquiring the entire team of RamNode and I’m glad for it.”

From now on, InMotion Hosting will run and manage the RamNode brand as a separate entity. There will be no re-branding, integration or modifications will be done to the core products and services.

Sunil Saxena, Owner at InMotion quoted, “RamNode will be our main focus now and we will try our best to maintain its standards, quality, support, and culture. Also, the existing and new customers will get the best services always as they expect from RamNode. Nick is a good man and we have known each other well professionally and personally. So, the quality of services will never be compromised and we look forward to building high-performance cloud hosting on OpenStack. ” 

During the deal, Nick Adams and Sunil Saxena focused on RamNode’s culture, core values, and how they came across common ground as they moved through the acquisition.

All the newest products of RamNode have OpenStack as their internal infrastructure platform and IMH has started offering a complete suite of on-demand OpenStack cloud-based solutions. This collaboration between the two companies will accelerate IMH solutions demand in the coming future.

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