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Intel suspends operations in Russia

Intel Suspends its Operations in Russia, Expresses disapproval of War in Ukraine

Business News IT News April 7th 2022

Intel has taken a bold step by completely suspending its operation in Russia as of today while calling for a peaceful resolution. By taking this step, the company joins a growing group of well-known IT companies that are pulling out of the Russian market due to the war in Ukraine.

Intel has announced that the attack of Russia on Ukraine is wrong and advocates for an immediate end to the conflict. The company has suspended all commercial activity in Russia, and it is effectively immediate. This is followed by their earlier decision and statement to halt all shipments to Russia and Belarussian customers.

Today, Intel stated on their website, “Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by this war, especially all the people of Ukraine and the surrounding countries. The company is also trying to help all those around the world with family, friends, and loved ones in the region”.

1,200 – Employees in Russia

Intel is still striving to help all its workers, including the 1200 employees in Russia, who are facing this tough time. To keep its worldwide operations running smoothly, Intel has also put in place businesses continuity plans ready.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, many companies in the IT industry have stated that they will suspend all operations in Russia. Large companies like Oracle, SAP, Apple, Microsoft, and others have already decided to ignore the Russian market as of now. Additionally, tens of thousands of Russian IT professionals are said to have fled Russia due to the war in Ukraine and the current political conditions of their country.

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