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10 Best WHMCS Alternatives For 2024 [Tested and Reviewed]

WHMCS April 16th 2021


WHMCS is the popular choice for managing hosting business, automated billing and offering excellent client support. However, there might be chances that you are looking for WHMCS alternative solutions. In this blog post, we will explore the top 6 best free WHMCS alternatives that meet the diverse needs of the hosting industry.

So, let’s start with a brief introduction to WHMCS.

Understanding WHMCS

WHMCS is a popular and comprehensive billing and client management platform designed specifically for web hosting businesses. It is a powerful automation platform that streamlines various aspects of running a hosting company, making it easier for providers to manage their operations efficiently and provide outstanding client support. 

whmcs dashboard

Basically, it’s a ready-made solution that automates all the operations required to run a web hosting and domain registration company. Moreover, it is highly compatible with most of the service providers and control panels like:

  • cPanel & WHM
  • Plesk
  • DirectAdmin
  • Interworx
  • Virtualmin
  • Website Panel
  • Helm
  • SolusVM
  • Enom
  • Liquid Web
  • ResellerClub
  • Weebly
  • Symantec
  • Cloudflare

Custom WHMCS Development Services

WHMCS makes customer onboarding super simple and comprises all the necessary tools like Billing Management, Customer Support, Reports Manager, Order Management, Domain Registration, and Fraud Management tools to manage customers easily.

Apart from all this, WHMCS can be used to set up cPanel accounts and activate automatic provisioning on the following:

  • VPN Accounts
  • VPS Hosting
  • Email Accounts
  • Domains
  • Gaming Servers

So, that’s all about WHMCS, its features, and compatibility. Now, let’s move on to its pricing to understand its services and costs.

What is The Cost of WHMCS?

The total cost of WHMCS depends upon the total number of clients and the branding options you need. Currently, you can get started with WHMCS just at $18.95/mo* excl VAT.

WHMCS pricing

Apart from its plans, WHMCS offers the following services to get started with WHMCS instantly:

  • Installation & Configuration – Starting at $24.95
  • Integration Service – Starting at $34.95
  • Migration Service – Get a quote

After reading all this, you might be thinking that if WHMCS gives us everything to manage our business seamlessly, why would one be looking for WHMCS alternatives. 

Well, read the subsequent section to know the reasons for the same.

Explainer: Why You Should Start Looking For WHMCS Alternatives?

WHMCS is a great way to automate your web hosting business, however, its continuously increasing cost is something that is making its existing users switch to other better WHMCS alternatives.

      As per a recent study, WHMCS is going to raise its current pricing as per the number of clients, which is as follows:

  • Unlimited Clients – $1.3k/mo*
  • 1k Clients – $45/mo*
  • 2.5k Clients – $100/mo*
  • 5k Clients – $175/mo*
  • 10k Clients – $300/mo*
  • 50k Clients – $850/mo*
  • 100k Clients – $1k/mo*

Since everyone says WHMCS is an all-in-one client management platform with the best billing and support interface. But what if you find these features in other web hosting business management solutions with some better functionalities added?

Wouldn’t that be great?

Yes, of course.

So, this is the reason why existing WHMCS clients are looking for some great WHMCS alternatives available in the marketplace.

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Top 10 WHMCS Alternatives You Should Consider Using

If you are also the one who’s looking for alternatives to WHMCS, then here is the list of the top 6 WHMCS alternatives you may love:

  1. ClientExec
  2. Upmind
  3. HostBill App
  4. Blesta
  6. BillingServ
  7. Racknap
  8. Ubersmith
  9. Runcloud
  10. FOSSBiling

Now, let’s dive deep into the details to understand what’s best about these alternatives to WHMCS.

1. ClientExec

ClientExec is among the WHMCS competitors and one of the best web hosting business management tools that enable hosting business owners and resellers to manage and monitor billing, configuration, and every other web hosting account management task. It is a platform that offers a variety of values and amazing features for its price. 

WHMCS ALTERNATIVEIt can manage a web hosting company’s billing cycle by automating everything from billing, accounts set up, invoicing, domain registration, and every other detail required to keep your business running. Moreover, it’s the best choice if you are getting started with your own reseller hosting business.

What’s Best About ClientExec?

  • Collecting payments is easy with Invoice Automation
  • Easy account management with clean & wide GUI
  • Simple set up, automated provisioning with registrars
  • No limit on payment gateways
  • Live support (Ticketing, Knowledgebase, Chat, Email)
  • Tracking, routing, and delivering messages
  • Easy setup, automate daily tasks, and monitoring
  • Easily merge billed items and accepts all the major credit cards
  • Functionality to archive invoices and track all the credits
  • Detailed sourced reports, revenue reports, support reviews
  • Offers separate user interface for clients and admin
  • Multiple billing and profile functions to manage checkout

Plans & Pricing

ClientExec Pricing

Why Choose ClientExec Over WHMCS?

  • WHMCS costs almost twice than ClientExec
  • ClientExec comes for free with Scala3 and Scala4 cPanel hosting plans
  • ClientExec lets you set your business on autopilot with its automation services
  • With ClientExec  you can integrate your billing system and configure everything easily
  • You will get more than 15 options for payment gateways and taxation customization
  • Clientexec REST API allows to connect it to various third-party applications
  • Creation of tickets from emails is super easy with Clientexec than it is with WHMCS
  • ClientExec can carry out the billing and tech support tasks in a better way than WHMCS

whmcs theme development

2. Upmind

Upmind is a modern billing and client management platform designed to cater to the needs of web hosting companies, digital agencies, and other subscription-based businesses.

Upmind dashboard

Upmind focuses on providing an intuitive, feature-rich solution to manage billing, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance customer experience. It integrates various functionalities like CRM, invoicing, support, and automation in a user-friendly interface. 

What’s Best About Upmind?

  • User-Friendly Interface and Intuitive Interface 
  • Comprehensive Automation 
  • High levels of customization
  • Robust support ticketing system
  • Wide Range of Integrations
  • Scalability
  • Detailed Reporting

Plans & Pricing

Upmind pricing

Why Choose Upmind Over WHMCS?

  • Upmind’s interface is more modern and user-friendly compared to WHMCS, which can be particularly advantageous for new users or businesses looking for a more intuitive platform.
  • While WHMCS offers a degree of customization, Upmind provides more flexibility in terms of customizing client portals, invoices, and overall system appearance. 
  • Upmind incorporates CRM functionalities that are more seamlessly integrated, making it easier to manage customer relationships and interactions.  
  • Upmind’s automation capabilities are robust and designed to handle a wide array of tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention more effectively than WHMCS. 
  • Upmind offers extensive support and detailed documentation to help businesses set up and manage their billing and client management processes efficiently. 
  • Upmind places a strong emphasis on delivering a superior user experience.  

whmcs module development

3. HostBill App

HostBill App is Free alternative to WHMCSIt is one of the most powerful and highly flexible online business management systems. It allows you to manage billing, clients, and support platforms. With this, you can handle everything that is needed to keep your business running.

best whmcs alternative
It automates the invoices, payment collection, service provisioning and is suitable for all the SSL Resellers and Cloud/IaaS/best VPS hosting Providers.

What’s Best About HostBill?

  • Automated Billing and hosting automation
  • Easy Client and Domain Management
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based Deployment
  • Automated Provisioning and Integrations
  • Hourly Billing and supports multi-currency
  • Recurring/Subscription Billing & Tax Calculation
  • Easy Customer & Inventory Management
  • Easy Payment Handling & Payment Gateway Integration
  • Taxation, Contact, Order, Invoice Management 
  • Product configurator and Ecommerce Integration
  • Multiple Collaboration Tools and Self Service Portal
  • Support Multi-Currency and Recurring Billing
  • Superfast Invoice Processing & Discount Management
  • Multiple Billing Rates and Customizable invoices
  • Tax Calculator, Software Development & Recurring Billing
  • Customizable Billing, Provisioning, DiscountManagement

Plans & Pricing

hostbillapp pricing

Why Choose HostBill App Over WHMCS?

  • HostBill supports over 90 payment gateways, which makes is the most demanding automation software
  • All-in-one billing and automation platform for hosting, colo, cloud, VPN service providers
  • For large-scale hosting or web companies,  HostBill is the best way to manage business essentials
  • Its all-in-one client portal lets your customers manage all of their services from a single panel
  • HostBill can handle your client acquisition, through invoicing, payment collection, automated provisioning
  • You will get an extensive range of advanced features and multitude of modules and apps with HostBill
  • Easy integration with multiple control panels, order pages, domain registrars, and payment gateways
  • Most advanced solution for Hosting, Cloud/IaaS/VPS Solutions Providers, SSL Resellers  with best features
  • Hostbill will keep your payment automation services up-to-date with its constant feature updates
  • It allows you to choose from a gamut of Hostbill templates to match your internal business design
  • Using HostBill means you can enjoy multi-channel support that’s starting from email to Live Chat


4. Blesta

Blesta is an opensource WHMCS alternative. Also, it is a web-based billing automation solution, but it is not just limited to web hosts. With this, you can manage your payments, business services, invoices, manage clients, and so much more.


It is an automated billing automation solution that is highly secured, easy-to-use, and makes your online branding super simple. No matter if you are a top-level web hosting service provider or a reseller, you will never regret choosing Blesta as WHMCS alternatives. 

What’s Best About Blesta?

  • Supports Multi-Currency Billing
  • Seamless Client Management
  • Automated Billing and Provisioning
  • Integrated Support Features
  • Developer Friendly System
  • Mobile-Friendly and ready-to-use
  • Accept Payment Gateways (Authorize.net & PayPal)
  • Invoice, track and accept multiple currencies
  • Automatically suspended & unsuspended once paid
  • Categorize clients into various groups using unique settings
  • Simply create time or quantity based inclusive coupons
  • Smart search for invoices and other databases
  • Blesta is multi-language supported
  • Bullet-proof security overall industry
  • Easily understandable, open, commented code

Plans & Pricing

blesta pricing

Why Choose Blesta Over WHMCS?

  • Blesta is developer-friendly  and makes it easy to manage your business and automate it
  • You will get just enough for license protection with Blesta as its files are encoded properly
  • Blesta allows you to integrate with your favorite control panels, virtual servers, and other licenses
  • With Blesta you can customize the entire interface, from the dashboard, billing overview to widgets easily
  • Your support team will love its clean, modern ticket system along with its helpful knowledgebase
  • With Blesta you will get Multi-Company under a single installation & Constant Payment Reminders
  • You will get Professional Invoices just like over even better than WHMCS with all the details
  • Blesta generates and send invoices automatically
  • With Blesta, your customers can attach multiple billing methods to their accounts easily
  • Blesta will approve or suspend accounts automatically, so don’t worry about manual suspension
  • You can customize your dashboard colors as you like and set up the templates to alter the style
  • With Blesta you can use add-ons to extend and enhance your platform’s functionalities


Blesta Development Services


Another amazing WHMCS Free alternative is WISECP, which is a modern web hosting and digital workflow automation tool. It automates client handling, billing, customer support, and all other operations to keep your business running.


This is another most popular WHMCS alternative, enables businesses and individuals to simply manage the products, services, sales, clients, and enforcement operations. WISECP comes up with an internal website interface along with the system, which means you can work without any theme, and it is highly creative, professional, and user-friendly and makes it easy for users to navigate throughout your website.

What’s Best About WISECP?

  • Automated Billing and Provisioning
  • Comes with built-in fraud protection & advanced analytics
  • Integrated Website and Control Panel
  • Multi-Language and simple translation
  • Effective Web 2.0 AJAX powered interface
  • High-level “Smart Search” feature in the admin area
  • Smart search for invoices and other databases
  • Seamless Client Management
  • Advanced reporting and real-time client tracking (WAnalytics)
  • Advanced client support system (Ticket System)
  • Free and built-in software licensing addon
  • Issue customized invoices, notify clients, and collect money
  • Customizable Billing, Provisioning, DiscountManagement
  • Advanced Customer Document Verification System
  • Comes with built-in fraud protection
  • Integrated Website and Control Panel
  • Built-in advanced analytics
  • Multi-Language and simple translation
  • Advanced Domain Name Management
  • Hourly Billing and supports multi-currency
  • Accept Payment Gateways (PayPal and more.)
  • Mobile-Friendly and ready-to-use
  • Built-in SEO Tools to manage webpages
  • Unique Graphical User Interface
  • Highly Advanced Reseller System

Plans & Pricing

WISECP pricing

Why Choose WISECP Over WHMCS?

    • Compared to WHMCS, WISECP does not comprise the complex and highly technical order system
    • It carries invoicing transactions, accounting, clients, and other operations in no time
    • It comes with an integrated internal website interface, so you don’t have to look for a theme or draft
    • It offers a highly creative, professional, and clean web interface to make navigation easy for your visitors
    • With its “Only Client Panel” feature, you can make the website interface invisible and use the system a panel
    • It lets you apply client panel and product purchase links to various themes or to your existing website
    • Every function of WISECP is super simple to use and understand for both client and the admin
    • With WISECP, everything is simple, clear, and understandable to understand, set up & use
    • It is cost-effective and more advanced than WHMCS in every sense
    • Offers Modern Security and Product/service listing Features
    • Supports 150+ ready-to-use currencies automatically and automatically exchange rates over API
    • Advanced multi-language creation and highly functional management and control interface
    • Automatic language and currency display & ultra-security system to prevent malicious attacks


WISECP Custom Development Services

6. BillingServ

BillingServ is a completely cloud-based platform enabling businesses easy billing, fewer costs, high stability, and seamless automation. It allows all types of businesses to simplify the billing cycle and accept payments online for your online web hosting products and services.


It is affordable, highly reliable, and you will pay for exactly what you need, no need to pay for unnecessary features.

What’s Best About BillingServ?

  • Biggest payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, GoCardless)
  • Billing history and transactions insights
  • No additional payment to use your own brand
  • Selling digital goods is super simple
  • Automated Payment Reminders
  • Completely Automated Account Provisioning
  • Customer Management and Easy Access
  • Fully Hosted with 100% uptime with failover
  • Web Hosting Integrations (DirectAdmin, cPanel, Plesk)
  • No need to install, setup or maintain anything
  • Easy management of security patches
  • Affordable, Multiple features to help with billing
  • Simple Payment processing, invoicing, billing

Plans & Pricing

billingserv pricing

Why Choose BillingServ Over WHMCS?

  • BillingServ so much popular is that it is so secure and scalable
  • You can integrate BillingServ with cPanel, VPS.net, Enom, NameCheap, and a whole lot more easily
  • Its payment and invoicing options include credit/debit, check, and 10 other payment gateways.
  • BillinServ is great for email marketing that comes with CampaignMonitor & sales forecasts
  • BillingServ comes with built-in DDoS protection, which makes it one of the best WHMCS alternatives
  • It allows you to integrate with cPanel/WHM or Plesk, and any other domain registrar or SSL provider
  • With BillingServ setting up packages is simple and anyone can do this without technical assistance
  • BillingServ is a comprehensive online ordering service — ensuring your business runs smoothly
  • It makes all your transactions incredibly seamless with a variety of different formats

7. RackNap

RackNap is a cloud service delivery and business automation platform designed to simplify the management of cloud services and products.


It offers a comprehensive billing, provisioning, and support solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of cloud providers, hosting companies, and IT resellers.

What’s Best About RackNap? 

  • RackNap integrates billing, sales, support, and cloud provisioning in a single platform, reducing the complexity of managing multiple systems. 
  • It offers advanced features for cloud service providers, such as automated provisioning of cloud services and resource monitoring.
  • The platform is designed to handle the needs of small businesses as well as large enterprises, making it a versatile option as your business grows. 
  • RackNap supports extensive customization and automation, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs and streamline operations. 

Plans & Pricing

ranknap pricing

Why Choose RackNap Over WHMCS? 

  • RackNap is specifically designed for cloud service providers, offering features and integrations that cater directly to the cloud market, unlike WHMCS, which has a broader focus.
  • RackNap’s all-in-one approach reduces the need for additional tools.
  • It provides a seamless experience from billing to support.   
  • RackNap can significantly reduce manual tasks and improve operational efficiency with more sophisticated automation capabilities.

8. Ubersmith

Ubersmith is a leading business management software for the subscription-based economy. It is widely used by data centers, SaaS, and cloud services providers.


Ubersmith offers a robust suite of services, including billing, device management, helpdesk, and customer management. 

What’s Best About Ubersmith? 

  • Ubersmith offers flexible billing options including recurring, usage-based, and one-time billing, catering to various business models.
  • The platform includes powerful tools for managing physical and virtual devices, making it ideal for data centers and hosting companies.
  • Ubersmith’s helpdesk and customer management features are integrated with its billing and device management tools.
  • Ubersmith offers extensive API support, allowing businesses to integrate with other systems.

Plans & Pricing

ubersmith pricing

Why Choose Ubersmith over WHMCS?  

  • Ubersmith’s advanced device management capabilities are particularly beneficial for businesses.
  • Ubersmith’s versatile billing options can handle more complex billing scenarios than WHMCS.
  • The integrated helpdesk and customer management tools provide a more seamless and efficient way.
  • Ubersmith helps to manage customer interactions and support.

9. Runcloud

Runcloud is a modern server management platform that simplifies the deployment, configuration, and management of web applications.


It is designed for developers and businesses who need to manage multiple servers and applications efficiently. 

What’s Best About Runcloud?

  • Runcloud provides an intuitive interface and easy-to-follow workflows.
  • It includes features for optimizing server performance, such as caching and performance monitoring tools.
  • Runcloud offers robust security features including firewall management.  
  • The platform supports automated backups.

Plans & Pricing

Run cloud pricing

Why Choose Runcloud Over WHMCS?

  • Runcloud is specifically designed for server management.
  • Run cloud’s interface is designed to be user-friendly and accessible.  
  • The platform’s focus on performance optimization and security.  
  • It provides peace of mind and ensures that your applications run smoothly and securely.

10. FOSSBilling

FOSSBilling is an open-source billing and client management solution tailored for web hosting companies. It aims to provide a free, community-driven alternative to commercial billing software, with a focus on flexibility and customization.


What’s Best About FOSSBilling?

  • As an open-source platform, FOSSBilling allows for complete customization. 
  • The platform benefits from a strong community of developers.
  • FOSSBilling eliminates licensing fees, making it a cost-effective solution for startups and small businesses.
  • FOSSBilling offers a comprehensive set of features.

Plans & Pricing: FOSSBilling is completely free to use, with no associated costs or pricing plans.

Why Choose FOSSBilling Over WHMCS? 

  • FOSSBilling’s open-source nature makes it a highly cost-effective option.
  • The ability to fully customize the software allows businesses to create a tailored solution.
  • The active community ensures continuous improvement and support.  
  • It is more responsive and innovative compared to commercial alternatives.


The 6 best WHMCS alternatives discussed in this article have emerged as powerful contenders, offering a plethora of features and functionalities to meet the diverse needs of hosting businesses. 

Each alternative brings its unique strengths, whether it’s advanced billing automation, comprehensive client management, or seamless integration with popular hosting control panels. As the hosting landscape evolves, these alternatives are poised to reshape the way companies manage their operations and provide top-notch customer support.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1: What is better than WHMCS? 

Ans: The choice of a billing and automation platform better than WHMCS depends on specific business needsThe above-mentioned WHMCS Alternatives are often considered better by some users. 

Q 2: What is the difference between Upmind and WHMCS? 

Ans: Upmind and WHMCS are both billing and automation platforms for web hosting and online service providers, but they have some differences: 

User Interface: Upmind is often noted for having a more modern and intuitive user interface compared to WHMCS. 

Features: Upmind includes built-in CRM and marketing tools, whereas WHMCS focuses heavily on billing and support automation. 

Customization: WHMCS offers extensive customization through its open API and module system, while Upmind aims for a more streamlined, out-of-the-box experience. 

Pricing: The pricing models can vary, with Upmind typically offering simpler pricing structures, whereas WHMCS has more modular pricing based on the number of clients and additional features. 

Q 3: Is WHMCS free? 

Ans: No, WHMCS is not free. It is a commercial product with various pricing tiers based on the number of clients you manage. WHMCS offers different license options, including monthly and one-time payment plans, starting from lower tiers for small businesses to higher tiers for large enterprises. 

Q 4: Who uses WHMCS? 

Ans: WHMCS is primarily used by: 

Web Hosting Providers: To automate billing, provisioning, and support. 

Domain Registrars: For managing domain sales and renewals. 

Software as a Service (SaaS) Providers: To handle subscriptions and customer management. 

Digital Agencies: To manage client projects and billing. 

Freelancers and IT Professionals: For invoicing and managing client interactions. 

Q 5: What is the purpose of WHMCS? 

Ans: The purpose of WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) is to automate and manage web hosting businesses and other online services. Its key functions include:

Billing Automation: Generating invoices, processing payments, and handling renewals. 

Client Management: Maintaining customer records and communication. 

Support: Providing ticketing systems and knowledge base management. 

Provisioning: Automating the setup of hosting accounts, domain registrations, and other services. 

Integration: Connecting with various control panels, payment gateways, and third-party services. 

Q 6: How do you integrate WHMCS? 

Ans: Integrating WHMCS involves several steps depending on the specific integrations needed:

  1. Installation Download WHMCS from the official site, upload it to your web server, and follow the installation wizard.
  2. Configuration: Set up your general settings, including company information, payment gateways, and automation settings.
  3. Domain and Hosting Integration: Configure domain registrars and hosting control panels within WHMCS to automate service provisioning. 
  4. Custom Modules: If needed, develop or install custom modules to extend functionality. WHMCS has a robust API and hook system for this purpose.
  5. Templates and Themes: Customize the client area and admin interface to match your branding
  6. Testing: Before going live, thoroughly test all aspects of the system, including billing, support, and provisioning workflows.

Integration specifics can vary widely based on the third-party services you use and your specific business requirements.