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8base raises $10.6M

8base A Low-Code Development Platform Raised $10.6M

Business News News April 11th 2022

8base, a low code development platform that is used to create digital products, internal applications, and more have recently raised $10.6 million in a Series A round of investment. The raised cash will be used to continue the rapid product expansion and growth of the company along with expanding the go-to-market team. Foundry Group led the oversubscribed Series A funding round.

8base tools are used for creating data models, APIs, custom logic, connections to external systems, cloud-based hosting, security, authentication, and frontend applications, all of which ultimately speed up application development. The wait for years or months can be reduced as new software solutions may be produced in just weeks using 8base, without the limitations of scaling.

Foundry Group led the oversubscribed funding round, with participation by Techstars, Firebrand Ventures, MongoDB PaaS Accelerator, 11 Tribes Ventures, Argonautic Ventures, LAGO Innovation Fund, and Strawberry Creek Ventures, an Alumni Ventures fund.

Chris Moody, Partner at Foundry Group – who has now joined 8base’s board of directors said, 8based is focused on shaping the new industry of low-code development. With the company’s large development team and antiquated methodologies, the vast majority of SaaS and digital products are still being developed. The company is trying to bridge the large gap in the market and will definitely emerge as a leader in the fast-growing sector. Instead of bringing the new, proprietary language, 8base is building the true enterprise-ready low-code framework that will be able to leverage the world’s 14 million JavaScript developers.

Application Development Lifecycle (ADL):

Low-code development by 8base focus on delivering a better, quicker, and more affordable approach to application development. 8base was founded in 2017, with an aim to make developers’ and innovators’ life simple by reducing their unnecessary and low-value add work using the application development lifecycle. The company is based in Miami, Florida, and was an alum of Techstars Austin.

Albert Santalo, founder and CEO of 8base, said, we have built 8base to empower creators. So, that founders and leaders of larger companies can penetrate into the market easily and iterate more rapidly, without any huge financial investment. As a founder and someone who works on the frontline of the software industry, I’ve seen and handled the first-hand frustrations and shortcomings of the legacy software development process. I always felt there is a better way for architecture and actual coding, and the answer to that 8base is working to solve fundamental dilemmas faced by founders and leaders on daily basis. We focus on creating a platform and community to transform the experience of building development and with the help of our Series A Funding our efforts will accelerate to democratize software development and will help entrepreneurship.

Amos Schwartzfarb, Managing Director at Techstars Austin, said, Albert, is a true visionary. With his newest company, 8base, they are now the top name of software development innovation. He further added that we are excited to help and support 8base as they continue to scale and release new opportunities for creators and founders.

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