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How to Create A Website

Create a Website in 5 Simple Steps Without Any Technical Knowledge

Web Hosting Tips August 3rd 2021

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Today with an immense enhancement in the digital world, there are several people who want to launch their own websites and generally have doubts about the process. Besides, sometimes people don’t know where to get started. If you are one among such individuals then, let us tell you that our intention is to help you build a create a website just the way you have imagined it. Establishing a website, either for your business or just for blogging carries a huge responsibility of corresponding to your clients, with the services you provide and one must cover all the fundamental user requirements.

In this technical guide, we are going to cover all the crucial aspects create and host your own website.

Let’s start with the basics to create a hosting website.

Is there any difference between a website and a blog?


how to create a website

The blog is a section within a website, in with at least one individual (blogger) share facts, articles, news, or writer down thoughts”.

Simply put, the blog is like an online diary in which all the entries are created chronologically and a blogger constantly shares some sort of information on a certain topic. For the past few years, blogs are making businesses more agile and helping grow immensely.

On the other hand, a website is a collection of several web pages that represent a business to visitors. It is created once and for all, but the information can be updated whenever required.

Main Web Pages in a Website

  • Home page
  • About us – page
  • Contact
  • Blog (if required)
  • Legally relevant pages
  • Data Protection Declartion

Why do you need a website for your business?

If you have a good offline business then, why do you need a website? So, here are some reasons that will convince you to have a website:

Reason 1. Having a website draws customers’ attention

Today, anyone who wants to purchase something often searches it on the Internet to view the product or its reviews. Companies having a webpage displays on the top of the search results and therefore have a better chance to grab the attention of potential customers.

Reason 2. Make your business accessible around the clock

Having a website on the Internet means your business can be accessed all the time. People can view your products/services from any part of the world and get to know about your availability or how to reach out to you. Basically, a website is much more convenient to go to than visiting a physical store.

Reason 3. You will have a lot of space to share the information

A company becomes a brand by its history, services, customer experience, pictures, videos: so companies always have a lot to tell the world and limited advertising space is a big blocker. However, after having a website you will have plenty of storage space to show the world, the real you.

Reason 4. Website makes your business look professional and credible

All that counts is the presentation so, a well-structured website makes your business authoritative and with a comprehensive company homepage, you can showcase your high-quality products as well as services perfectly.

Reason 5. Website is the best option when it comes to branding your business

Combining your website with social networking platform will make your company widely known to several potential customers from all around the world. Besides, it will make your company better known as you post the content on a regular basis.

How to launch your own website without any technical skills?

In this digital era, if your products/services cannot be found on the Internet – then the global market will never get to know about you. Therefore, in the subsequent section, we are going to disclose how to create your website, an easy way.

5 Simple Steps to Create a Website

  1. Choose and register a preferred domain name
  2. Search and finalize a web hosting company
  3. Get ready and upload all your content
  4. Configure, Optimize and build your website
  5.  Finally, test your website and make it go live

Now, we will elaborate on each step to create a website for your business. Keep reading!

Create a website from scratch

Step 1: Choose and register a preferred domain name

The very first thing to get started with a website is to get a domain name* that suits your business profile. In order to get a domain name for your website you have to explore the world’s Domain Name Registration Service Providers and after finalizing one, you will have to pay an annual fee to your domain registrar.

Keep in mind that by purchasing a domain name you will not get a website or a web page, it simply means purchasing the rights to use a commercial name on the Internet.

*A domain name is a name you give to your website and later it becomes your website’s main URL. For example, the domain name of our website is hostingseekers.com.

The best domain names are:

  • Short, crispy, easy to remember
  • Comprise your brand name
  • Catchy, unique, and descriptive
  • Does not require any changes later

Step 2. Search and finalize a web hosting company

Another most important step is to choose a web hosting provider that covers all your business requirements. To get a good hosting provider for your business, it is recommended to explore the best web hosting provider services and filter out a suitable option. Different hosting companies offer multiple monthly/annual plans and you can choose between shared servers, virtual servers, and dedicated servers as per the level of desired website security.

If you are planning to host a small business or a blog website then, a basic shared plan will be sufficient and affordable for you. Before purchasing a hosting plan, it is suggested to perform deep research on different web hosting service providers, read their reviews, compare their plans, and then only decide upon one.

The best hosting provider offers:

  • Substantial bandwidth
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Email & e-Commerce features
  • 24*7 Technical support

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Step 3. Get ready and upload all your content

Now that you have a domain name and a webpage, it’s time to upload all the created content. Your content can be in the form of a homepage, service pages, blog, or resource section. You can use any of the content management platforms including WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, or whatever suits you.

In case if you are having so much content then it is suggested to use some automatic website importer to upload all the data in bulk. Besides, upload your website files and move them to the root directory, and you are done.

The best CMS for your business will offer:

  • Cross-Channel Publishing
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Full control over the version
  • Ability to copy-paste content 

Step 4. Configure, Optimize and build your website

Though your website is almost ready to be published, however, the main part that will help you rank your website in the search results is still pending. You need to configure the settings of your website, themes, and customize options to make the website work properly. If you are thinking to automate your website processes like client management, reseller hosting then, you can integrate it with WHMCS or can choose other WHMCS alternatives.

In addition, you have to optimize your web pages’ content including their meta tags, alt texts, and other SEO properties. While optimizing a web page keep in mind that your page slug, meta title, and meta description must be unique and comprising all the primary keywords you want this page to rank for.

A properly optimized webpage is always:

  • Well-structured and designed
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Highly responsive in all the devices
  • Comprise credible information

Step 5. Test your website and make it go live

The time you have been waiting for desperately has finally arrived. Now, test each and every single component of your website, check every custom setting, theme configuration, and website content. Test your website’s speed for both computer and mobile. Cross-check all the broken links and everything that might impact your website’s ranking.

Once done with testing, live your website to the world. See how it works and you are done. Moreover, you can implement these best tips to promote your hosting website.

Do not forget to cross-check the following things before you publish your website:

  • All the URLs are working properly
  • Social media icons are added
  • The website is secure and using HTTPS
  • Content is unique and optimized

Special Tips to Promote Your Website

  1. Make a significant presence in this world by promoting your website on social media platforms
  2. Spread your website, products, and content to relevant audiences through email marketing
  3. Start writing about the latest trends, news, issues related to your niche and post blogs
  4. Take part in online forums, newsgroups, or other community sites talking about the related topics
  5. Encourage your visitors, clients, and followers to produce word of the mouth to promote your brand
  6. Track and analyze your website’s traffic on a daily basis to see which platforms are working for you.
  7. Solve the doubts and issues of your users through podcasts and YouTube videos.
  8. Create a newsletter or PDF with content that makes your subscribers click or download.
  9. Optimize your website properly and cover everything that your competitors are lacking.

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Here we have covered all the important aspects and steps you need to follow while creating a business website. To launch a successful website, you have to follow each step carefully and make sure everything is working properly. Once you are done with this, you will have to promote your website efficiently using the tips mentioned above and enjoy the fruitful outcome that your website will bring.